In 1776 Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence. The 13 colonies stood UNITED against its oppressor to reach freedom. They fought together against one cause. Today, more than ever these states are NOT united. These states do not believe in one cause and these are not together.

I’ve never been more ashamed to be an American.

African Americans are rightfully afraid to live, because of the irrational fear of our existence. We are killed while sleeping (Aiyana Jones), we are executed while standing by our broken down car (Corey Jones), we are murdered while shopping in Walmart (John Crawford), we cannot rest in our own homes (Botham Jean & Atatiana Jefferson), we fear being pulled over will result in death (Sandra Bland & Walter Scott), we cannot birdwatch in the park (Christian Cooper), we cannot live without being perceived as a threat.

And when we are wrongfully killed, mistreated or perceived as a threat – our oppressor’s actions are excused.

This week I’ve watched my best friend, a black man, carry the weight of the world around with him. Trying to find a solution to a century’s worth of problems. Trying to educate intentionally ignorant people. How can you rest knowing people who look like you are being murdered by people who have taken an oath to “protect and serve.” How can you live knowing that people who do not look like you, don’t care?

I have some very good & very white friends who have been very silent. 

If you think I’m talking about you – I probably am. 

Your silence is deafening.

Your silence is hurtful.

To us, your silence means that you do not care about our lives. Your silence means that you are complicit with injustice. Your silence means that your white privilege is too valuable for you to discard.

“I don’t know what to say” is not an excuse for your silence.

Educate yourself. Use your platforms to educate others, to stop ignorance, to advocate for black people.  Your most important or meaningful platform is not Twitter or Facebook or instagram. It’s at your Thanksgiving table, your meeting at work, the phone call with your cousin or best friend, your weekly happy hour with your social group. Your platform is everywhere and anywhere you are.

We are not exaggerating when we say we are tired. We are stressed. We are mentally and emotionally exhausted. We are tired of being mistreated because we are black. We are tired of seeing our brothers and sisters be mistreated because they are black. We are tired of being the only ones who care. We are tired of fighting a losing battle. We are tired of being unseen. We are tired of being unheard.

The state of our non-union is disgusting. It’s heart breaking. It’s scary. 

Jesus, where are you? 

We’ve seen you take out nations for injustice less than this. Our world needs You. 


*take some time to read about the unjust death by a police officer of each individual I mentioned [except Christian Cooper]. And this well written article: “Here’s why we don’t see protests when police unjustly kill white people”*

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